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My Wedding Day Recap!

All photos by Amy Hutchinson Photography

Hey guys!

So today is the day I finally decided to sit down and write down all the details of my wedding day timeline!!! I’m going to go from start to finish, so it might be a long one!

My bridesmaids arrived to get ready in our suite at the Peabody around 9am! My parents surprised me a few days before the wedding and got us this amazing room to get ready in! It had a full kitchen, seating rooms, and of course a bedroom where I stayed after the Rehearsal Dinner.

We all wore robes, which looked so cute for pictures! I was debating on not doing robes, but then decided they looked so cute in photos and were an absolute necessity! I also got them some gorgeous pearl necklaces which looked great with the dresses they wore at the wedding! I took a quiz on the WeddingWire website on what to give your bridesmaids, and I got jewelry! I thought it was so classic and elegant!

After that, our videographer arrived around 9:30 am and we began hair and makeup. There were 12 of us, and two hair people and one makeup person, so we all just hung out and ate while people got ready! It was so nice to just chill and hang with my friends all morning!

Around 12pm my photographers arrived and started taking pictures! Lunch also came at that time and it was so good! I was definitely not a bride that ate nothing on my wedding day haha! It was so good I couldn’t resist! AND one of my mom’s friends/bridesmaid’s mom brought me MACARONS! Haha clearly they know me well.

Around 2pm I put on my dress! I hadn’t tried in on in a while, so it was so fun to see it again. I had this irrational fear that it wouldn’t fit, but luckily it did and it was surprisingly comfortable, despite it being 37 lbs.

After I put on the dress and took some more photos, it was around 3pm, and it was time to head over to The Cadre! I snuck downstairs before Parker could see me and got ready for the first look!

After that we began the bridal party shots! We did just bridesmaids, just groomsmen, and then all of us together! These are some of my favorite photos and I loved how the photographers mixed up the order of the girls and boys.

After these pictures, we all went inside and hung out for an hour or so, then it was time to line up for the wedding!

Overall, the wedding went off perfectly! I didn’t have any major mishaps, and in my mind it was the most perfect wedding ever! Check back in a few weeks to hear all about my vendors and how I found them!!!

Xoxo, Mallory

Huge Shoutout to our photographers, Amy and Ed, for getting these photos back to us so quickly! You can see the rest of the photos on their blog post here!