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What To Wear To A Wedding: Lookbook

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! For this week's post, I wanted to show what I would wear for different wedding attires. I always found it hard to choose appropriate wedding attire, so now that I have it figured out, I thought I should share it with you all! I'm going over the main three wedding attire looks, including some outfit ideas that would be perfect to purchase for future weddings!

Casual Attire:

This can be a tricky one. Casual attire can really vary depending on what time of day the wedding is happening, so for my look I chose to do a night-casual wedding look. For this attire, I usually just wear something I would wear to church, but maybe a little dressier.

Similar Dress|1|2|3| Shoes |1|

I chose to wear something very comfortable with a little bit of a statement. This dress is very easy to transition from day to night, and Conservative enough to wear in a church for the ceremony. I love all the lace, as well! It is no longer in stores, but I linked some similar looks. For shoes, I wore simple, grey, chunky heels that I can dance all night in!

Cocktail Attire:

Similar Dress |1|2|3| Shoes Earrings

Cocktail attire is my favorite because you can wear something fun! I like to wear something that I would wear to a formal, but maybe a little more conservative. I loooove to dress up, and I look for any reason to wear a nice dress and heels.

For my cocktail look I chose to wear a sparkly, midi length dress. I think this is perfect for this attire because It is fun and fancy, but not too formal.

Black Tie Attire:

Similar Dress |1|2|3| Earrings

For Black Tie, I think it's pretty standard to wear a long gown. I love this dress, and I think it would be the perfect look for a super fancy wedding. I think you should always be a little more conservative and classy at a wedding, so the high neckline and cap sleeves fit the bill perfectly. Not everybody has a ton of gowns readily available for black tie weddings, so the outfits can be kind of all over the place. I think everyone should have a classy gown they can wear if the occasion arrises, just like every guy should own a tux.

This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. The silk chiffon and pearl belt really dress it up and make you look put together. I think people should try really hard to look nice for these kind of weddings. Even though black tie weddings do not come around too often, I always get so excited when I get invited to one. This is my absolute favorite kind of attire.

Thank you so much for reading! I had so much fun writing this piece, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I am going to a wedding this Saturday and I'm probably going to wear one of these looks! Stay tuned to my Instagram and see what I pick!

xoxo, Mallory