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SheIn Review

Hey guys!

Happy Saturday! Today on the blog I am doing something that you guys have wanted me to do for SO long... a SheIn review!!! I was pretty iffy on SheIn for a while, not for any specific reason, but I had never tried it and didn’t know many people that had. In the spirit of Fall, I got two sweaters, and let me tell you... I’m officially hooked on SheIn!


I got this blue sweater because it looks just like a JCrew sweater that has been in my cart forever but maybe 1/3 of the price and a way cuter color! The material is so soft and the stitching is great! Honestly if I saw this in store I would’ve assumed it was around $150. I got it in a M which is my regular size and it fits great!


I took a chance on the pink sweater because it looked really cute online but didn’t have any reviews. It came in and I’m so glad I chose this because I can already tell this is going to be on repeat during the fall and winter. Again, it runs true to size and the stitching is perfect!

I have a few tips on purchasing things from SheIn that I think would be super helpful for you guys to make sure your items come in perfect!

1. ALWAYS read the reviews. They are so helpful, and if they have pictures it’s even better! People that have already purchased the item will be honest and say if the material is nice or if it runs small or large!

2. Look at the measurements. It’s a foreign company, so they don’t always have the same sizing as US sizing. It’s super helpful to keep sizing in mind because it’s the easiest way to not have to guess about how it will fit.

3. USUALLY there will be some sort of spending minimum to get faster shipping so look for that! My items came in about 4 days which is awesome!

4. Use a coupon code! There is almost always some sort of discount to use on SheIn! I have one for you guys to use to get 20% off! It’s mallorycassady20

5. You can’t return swimwear, but if you buy shipping insurance it’s free returns for most everything else!!


I am so excited to share this blog post with you guys because I have been wanting to try SheIn for so long! I am so thankful to SheIn for sending me these two sweaters, and I will definitely continue to be purchasing from them! Stay tuned for my next blog post: How To Style Hats For The Fall!

Xoxo, Mallory