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My Lip Filler Experience at Germantown Aesthetics

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Hey guys!

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to give you all the DL on my lips!! About two weeks ago I stopped by Germantown Aesthetics to get my lips done and I wanted to tell you all about it.

When I did a poll on my Instagram two weeks ago saying I was going to Germantown Aesthetics to get something done, almost nobody guessed my lips! I had been wanting to get my lips done for a long time, so had been stalking all the places in the area when I landed on Germantown Aesthetics. I saw all of their before and afters and really fell in love with their natural but still really effective results! I seriously think everyone should do their research before choosing to get any type of work done. My nurse injector was Courtney, and Jessica assisted, and let me tell you we had THE BEST time! They got me gluten free cookies (which I now have to have fully stocked in my pantry 24/7), popcorn and the best sparkling water. They made getting my lips done so much fun and I loved the girl time!

When we first got into the room we discussed what kind of results I wanted and what type of filler we were going to use. I said I basically wanted my lip shape but more volume so they decided to go with a Juvederm filler.

They put numbing cream on my lips and you guys... that stuff really works! I felt no pain. You can feel the filler going in, of course, but it never once hurt! They had these really cool ice globes that I would use after they injected my lips and I found them on amazon and might use them to de puff my eyes in the mornings haha!

My lips were pretty swollen immediately after which is normal, but honestly I kind of loved it haha!! I got to channel my inner Kylie Jenner for a few days.

The recovery was really no big deal! I had some bruising which I expected because I have low iron and bruise over literally anything. It was nothing a little bit of lip liner and my Kylie Lip Kit couldn’t cover so I just put that on and went about my life! The next morning I was teaching barre classes and everything.

I’d say it took me about ten days for the swelling to go completely down, but again, I kind of enjoyed the swelling haha. I think normal is about 7-14 days but always plan for two weeks if you have a big event or anything!



I feel like my new lips are subtle enough that a stranger wouldn’t ever guess that they aren’t natural, but just enough to balance out my face and give me the look I wanted!

Now for the details! I got one syringe of Juvederm in my lips. The filler we used is a great filler to build volume. You can always schedule a free consult at Germantown Aesthetics to see what filler is best for your goals!

If you want to purchase anything, including products, laser, facials... literally anything use my name when you make an appointment and at checkout to get 10% off!

Thank you so much to Germantown Aesthetics for having me and for these amazing lips!