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My Go-To Spring Makeup

Hey guys!

Last time you heard from me was before the wedding!!! So crazy. But for today's post I'm going to give a little update on the makeup products I have been using recently and have been loving. Some are more high end and some are drugstore, but I have been switching things up and just had to tell you guys about it.

I have recently switched up my whole skincare routine and I have seen suchhh a huge difference. I used to just use stuff from the drug store, until my coworker/aesthetician, Keri, recommended some products to me! Since then my skin is so clear and I have been able to switch up some of my makeup for a less coverage look with a little more of a glow than before. Would you guys want a skincare post?


Something I have been LOVING for spring is highlighter. I used to have an oiler skin type, so highlighter was not my friend, but now I am obsessed. It gives that subtle glow that makes you look more healthy and awake! I have been loving this highlight by Becca for night time. It is a neutral tone so I can wear it when I am tan or pale!


This is also something I hugely credit to clearing up my skin! I have loved Jane Iredale literally since middle school, and I started using it again recently and oh my gosh I'm never not going to use this! They say their makeup is good for the skin, and I believe it because I haven't broken out once since using it, which is very out of the ordinary for me!

I have their spring makeup collection, as well as their powder foundation and contour palette(pictured at the top of this post) and I have never had a product wear as well or be as bendable as these. I have been obsessing over their contour kit because it goes on so smooth and actually looks like natural shadows.


I recently discovered a new mascara by Loreal that is identical to a luxury mascara I have been wearing for years! Mascara has always been a makeup essential of mine, but I have been loving it even more since using lash boost, which you can get here. I am all about long, thick lashes that don't look spidery, and this one does the trick!

Stay tuned next week for a honeymoon recap! I will be giving away all the details and how we planned such an amazing trip!

xoxo, Mallory