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My Bachelorette Party + WeddingWire Contest

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! For today's post, I wanted to share all the details about my fabulous bachelorette weekend I just had the other day! It was SO me, and I couldn't be more grateful to all the people who helped pull it off!

We started the day at the Nail Bar, which has always been my favorite place to get my nails done. It's where I get my funky nail art, and they never fail to do something crazy cool and creative! This time I got marble nails with gold leaf! I think all my bridesmaids loved it, too! They have the most gorgeous decor, and seriously treated us like queens!


We all got different nail art, and it was totally customized to what each girl wanted, which I LOVED. We also had delicious champops(champagne with a popsicle) and I got a special drink with cotton candy on top! It was SO FUN!


After getting our nails done, we all went over to the Peabody. The Peabody is going to play a huge part of my wedding weekend, so I thought it was so fun that my bachelorette party was there, too!

When we walked up to the room, I DIED!!! It was absolutely beautiful and was decorated so cute! There were balloons everywhere and seriously couldn't have been more perfect! It was a two store suite with enough room for all 9 of the girls to sleep comfortably, and it was totally full of snacks, drinks, and a delicious cake!

I was THRILLED that everything was gluten free, too! It is really hard for me to find gluten free food, and especially alcohol... but literally everything was taken care of.

|Romper|Coat(not pictured)|Shoes|

After getting settled in the room and putting on our outfits for the night, we went to a restaurant called Itta Bena, which is in Downtown Memphis. I had never been before, but I was so excited to try it! They gave us free champagne when we got seated, and seriously treated us like queens! They were also SO GOOD about keeping all my food free from cross contamination with gluten stuff, which is always so impressive to me! I got a filet and I just might be going to eat there again this week because it was so fabulous!

|Romper|Coat(not pictured)|Shoes|

After dinner, we all came back to the room and hung out there and did the lingerie shower! I had to guess who gave me what, and I got almost all of them right, so basically I know them all SO well haha! At that point, Parker sent champagne up to the room and it was a total surprise! He’s a keeper.

After that we went to Beale Street and had a great time!

The next morning we all had breakfast at the hotel, and all just hung out! It was seriously the best!

Now on to the #JUSTSAIDYES CONTEST!!!!

This is such an exciting contest, and the prize is too good to pass up! Here are the steps:

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I know a TON of you are getting engaged around the holidays, so you should totally enter to win this amazing contest!

xoxo, Mallory