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It's All About The Sleeve


Hey Guys!

So I've been noticing that statement sleeves are in stores everywhere lately. I have been having so much fun with this trend, because it's so easy! Seriously, you can be SO casual but have a bold sleeve and still look cute. That's definitely the case with this look! It's so comfy but looks like I actually tried... Which is outfit goals in my opinion!

Statement Sleeve Looks:

Gingham top|Off The Shoulder|Perf For A Wedding|SO Comfy|LBD|Already Ordered This!|Need This In Pink

This dress is no longer in stores, so I linked some similar looks with a statement sleeve that I definitely think I will be purchasing. I have been having so much fun online shopping for new clothes to transition into fall weather. I think I'm in the major minority that is actually excited for cooler weather. I looove wearing layers and long sleeved things, so this trend is going to be a big hit for me. I just feel like my clothes are so much cuter in the fall/winter, so I look forward to it all year. I just need to live somewhere up North! But I actually like Memphis so I'm probs not moving any time soon!

Thank you all so much for keeping up with my blog! I have had so much fun with it in the past two weeks since starting it. I had been thinking about starting one for forever, so it was so fun to actually do it! Stay tuned for a new post on Monday! I'm really excited for what I'm posting because it is something I have been collecting forever!

xoxo, Mallory