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How To Define Your Personal Style

Hey guys!


For today's post I wanted to try something a little different. Usually when I do a blog post, I simply talk about the look in the photo, which I still plan to do, but I want to switch things up and appeal to a larger audience! I know that not every single one of you like girly, pastel dresses all the time, and I didn't used to either! But your style evolves with time, as do most things, and I wanted to show you guys how I pinpoint and highlight my personal style.


The first step is to see what you feel best in.

For me, that's usually a flowy, a-line dress. I think it best suits my body type and I generally find dresses more comfortable. They best suit my lifestyle and make me feel cute/confident at the same time.


Next, go in your closet and pick your favorite items... Is there a color palette in common?

If so, that will hint that you naturally gravitate towards that color! Colors play a HUGE role in your personal style! For example, I love pastels. I like the contrast against a tan in the summer, and I like the girly vibe. Most colors do have a look associated with them, so pay attention to that next time you go shopping!


Lastly, allow yourself to step outside the box!

I would never tell you guys to define your personal style and not deviate from it ever! You can only discover new things by trying new things! If you're drawn to something in a store, but it doesn't fit with your usual look, try it anyways! It's fun to experiment and grow your look!


Now a quick bit about my look in the photos:


I chose to wear this dress in THIS post because I think it perfectly embodies my personal style. I love the light pink and polkadots, I LOVE the ruffles, but I think the back is the best part! This day I wore it around town, but I have worn it to bridal showers, lunch dates, and on a date! I am a huge fan of a versatile look, and I think this dress is just that!

I love the earrings because Parker got these for me to wear to our rehearsal dinner! I wear them all the time and they have such a special memory attached to them!


As for the sunglasses, can you believe they were only $13?! I couldn't! I think they look so high end, and they feel really nice too!


I hope you guys liked this kind of post, and please email or DM me some things you'd like to see next!

xoxo, Mallory

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