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How I Planned My Wedding In A Month

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday- we’re halfway to the weekend! So people are always asking me how wedding planning is going, and they are totally shocked when I say that I am pretty much done… with the big stuff, that is. People have such a hard time believing that I have planned an entire wedding while having a full-time job AND maintaining a social life within such a short time frame, but I have for sure had some help. I have some crazy helpful things I have been using that I just HAD to share with you all because they have been total game changers for me!

1. Use a Checklist

I am a huge planner, so having a list in front of me where I can cross things off and see what I have left to do has been my number one planning essential. There are tons of checklists out there, but the one that was most helpful for me was this one by WeddingWire. It definitely goes the most in depth out of all the checklists I have found, so you won’t miss anything. I loved being able to plug in my date so it was personalized! You guys all need to get on this because I couldn't have planned my wedding without it!

2. Start Planning Immediately

This is something that I definitely did, but could have done even quicker. I got engaged, then immediately went to the Bahamas, which was completely amazing, but I didn't realize I should have gotten on a date already! I got started about a month after I got engaged, but I could have been even quicker if I would have started immediately. A lot of people told me to try to do one thing a week like a “wedding Wednesday" thing, but my advice would to be to do it as quickly as possible so that nothing books up.

3. Use Private Pinterest Folders

Pinterest was so helpful because when I met with vendors, I could just show them one of my private folders and they knew my taste immediately! I say private because we all have our #weddinginspo public pages, but a private folder can be for the things you really love so that they stay a surprise. It really simplified things and brought A LOT of inspiration!

I hope these tips helped you guys, because they have been the game changers for me! Come back on Friday for a new post, and thank you so much for reading!

xoxo, Mallory