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How I Stay Productive + Work Essentials

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to discuss a very important topic in my daily life... how I stay on top of things! I looove having a full to do list, and I have so many things that help me stay on top of it that I want to share.

1. A Good Planner

You guys, apparently today is National Planner Day? I live by my planner, so today is my day! I have a few favorites that I wanted to share with you guys! I recently discovered a brand that I have fallen in love with. It has the best layout, and the most fun designs, so every week is something new. It's called Ban.do and they are surprisingly affordable! Mine is just under $20! Another one I love is the Lilly Pulitzer spiral planner.

2. A Consistent Workout Routine

Seriously though, my entire day is out of wack if I don't go to a workout class! It helps me get my mind ready for the day ahead. Right now I am loving barre classes, but when it cools off a little, I also love running outside!

3. A To-Do List

I love to physically write things down. My planner is with me at all times, but I have this to-do list on my desk, and nothing feels better than crossing things off that list.

4. Breakfast

I am a person who swearsss by breakfast! Without it, along with a Starbucks iced vanilla latte, I am just not functioning as well as I should. Right now I am all about these Chobani flip yogurts!

5. A Cute Workspace

As much as I would love to sit in my bed all day with my laptop, sometimes getting out helps me get things done more quickly. I love to go to coffee shops, or my favorite macaron shop!

I hope you guys found today's post helpful! I have been so so busy lately, and I just wanted to share the tips that have helped me get everything done! Come back soon for another post!

xoxo, Mallory