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The Best Fashion Piece To Collect

Hey guys!

For today's post I wanted to chat about my absolute favorite fashion piece that I collect. So, I loooove scarves. Naturally, as a kid, I owned tons of really random, not-so-attractive looking scarves. That is until my aunt introduced me to her Hermes collection. I was sold. At that point I decided I needed some of my own, and the rest is history!

While these scarves can be on the more expensive side, I have linked a few that I found online for a lower price point here, here, here, and here, if you aren't looking to splurge!

Now, one of these scarves is my go-to splurge whenever I want to treat myself. People have gifted me some, as well. I think each one holds a special memory, and I try to coordinate the pattern with when/why I purchase it. I love the vibrant colors and patterns, and I think it is so fun to tie them all different ways. Since the patterns are so big and colorful, depending on how you tie it, it will look like a completely different scarf. In this post I will show a few of my favorite scarves and ways to wear them!

This is probably my favorite way to wear the scarf if I'm trying to stay warm. Since they are 100% silk, they actually heat up very quickly and totally prevent wind! This blue one is actually the first Hermes scarf I purchased. My mom got this for me on a trip to New York. We went to the Hermes store and it is such a fun memory! It was basically the perfect day because we went to Bergdorfs for lunch, then went to Hermes, then Starbucks immediately after! Such a fun girls day in the city! After that day, I was totally hooked. This one has a cool feather print on one half, and the other half is a mix of blue tones, so it is very versatile and works with a ton of different outfits.

Haha I don't actually wear my scarves this way, but I had to include it because I have seen people do this look a lot. While it's not my best look, I think it would be a very fashion forward/statement way to wear the scarf. This one was given to me by my fiancé, Parker! He picked it out all by himself and I think it is stunning! It is majority purple and pink, with a mix of blue, but my favorite part is that it has two flamingos on it that create a heart. So sweet and thoughtful of him! I wear this one all the time and always think of him when I wear it.

I think this is a super chic way to wear your scarf. All you have to do is roll it up and tie it around your neck, and then your outfit is instantly elevated! This scarf was given to me by Parker's aunt and uncle. We recently went on a trip to Chicago with them and I wore some of my scarves to keep warm! Little did I know that his aunt and uncle kept note of this, and gifted me one for college graduation! I was SO excited and thankful! On top of how sweet it was for them to do that, they totally nailed it with the print. My absolute favorite color is light pink, and the color scheme on this scarf it to die for!

This is my lazy day, easiest way to wear an Hermes scarf. You literally just fold it in half and tie the back. I think this look is a great statement piece with a simple outfit, and will keep you really warm at the same time! I got this scarf on a trip to New York with Parker! We were going to see the Lion King that night, and I knew my outfit needed something extra. I had just bought a red dress from Zara, and when we passed the Hermes store I figured we might as well go look. This scarf popped out to me because not only did it match my dress, but it is Africa themed, so it was perfect for the Lion King! It even has tiny animals all over it. This was such a fun trip with Parker, and every time I wear this scarf I get to remember it!

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about my favorite thing I collect and how I style it! Most people know about my love for Hermes scarves, but now you can all know why! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, and check back on Monday for a new post!

xoxo, Mallory