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Hair Extension Update

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to give an update on my hair extensions because so many people had more questions. I’m going to keep today’s post pretty quick, but hopefully I get all your questions covered!!

Let's get on to the questions...

  1. Can you heat style the extensions? Yes!!! They are 100% human hair and they can heat style so well! They hold curl so much better than my natural hair which is probably my favorite part of having them.

  2. How long does the hair last? They told me that it lasts about 6 months! I haven’t seen any wear on them yet and still are so soft and silky!

  3. Do you heat style every day? No!!! I don’t want to damage my real hair so definitely not. I always blow dry them straight after I shower, and will curl them occasionally!

  4. What kind of extensions do you have? I have Habitat Hand Tied Extensions from House of Aglaia! They went to Habitat Salon in AZ to master the technique and everyone at House of Aglaia is so amazinggg

  5. How did you decide on this type of hair extension? I wanted the least damage to my hair and I wanted them to look super glam but also like they could be my real hair. I have never loved tape ins because you can always see them, and the bonded ones really damage your hair. The extensions I have now are only in two rows of your hair so there is minimal damage!!

  6. How long do they take to get put in? My first time took about three hours, and when I got them moved up it took two. Natalie and Ramona are so fun that the time seriously flies by!

I hope that answered some of your questions!! I couldn’t be more obsessed with these extensions and please feel free to reach out with all your questions! Have a fabulous day!

Xoxo, Mallory