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Gucci Shoes Review

Hey guys!

Happy Monday!

I wanted to make today's post, because I was wishing I could find a detailed review when I was looking to buy some Gucci shoes. I had done allll the research, and it was really hard to find info on these shoes. Everything seemed to be a glowing review, and being the skeptic I am, I didn't really trust them!

They had been on my list of splurge purchases for about a year, but I had not gotten around to buying them. I literally talked about them all the time, and everyone knew I wanted them, but I was too tight pocketed to actually make the purchase! Then my perfect fiancee, Parker, surprises me with them on a random Thursday, and I have barely taken them off since.

Now, on to the review:


GET A SIZE UP! I seriously cannot emphasize this enough. Parker originally got me the European size that translates to an 8.5(my normal size) but they were so small I ended up having to exchange them for a 9.5! I have never worn that size in my life! But they fit SO well now, and I am so glad he brought them back to exchange for a size up.


As you can see, I got the red. I am a firm believer that red can be considered kind of a neutral (people think I'm crazy) but they match most everything in my closet! Might as well go bold on these!!


They are SO comfy! Keep in mind, they are a slide, so they aren't going to feel like you have gel insoles, but for what they are, it is great! The leather is obviously very high quality and breathable, so your toes never get too hot or too cold.


While they are expensive, I think they are totally worth it! I use them SO much and they still look brand new! I'm considering buying the light pink color, now, if that says anything about how much I love them!

Overall, I love these shoes! They have become such a staple in my wardrobe and I am even wearing them as I write this haha! I had some things I thought would be beneficial for you all to know before purchasing, so I hoped you liked this review!

Thanks for reading! Come back Wednesday to hear about my bachelorette party!

xoxo, Mallory