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What I Order Gluten Free At Starbucks

Hey Guys!

For today's post I wanted to talk about eating Gluten free. I found out in January of 2017 that I have Celiac Disease which meant I had to cut gluten totally out of my diet. This seemed like a crazy task because my favorite foods were pasta, bread, and frappacinos.

Starbucks was a daily ritual for me, and it didn't even cross my mind that Starbucks could potentially have gluten in it, but I gave it a google one day and there were mixed reviews about it. Overall, Starbucks will not release wether or not their drinks contain gluten due to liability risks for cross contamination, at least to my understanding.

This was devastating to me because this was a major part of my diet. For a long time I just 100% cut Starbucks out of my diet. This was extremely limiting both diet wise and socially, so recently I decided to find a way around the issue.

I was meeting another blogger friend for coffee recently (check out her blog HERE), and I decided I did not want to be lame simply order a cup of ice water.

At that point I decided I was going to fix this issue. While for many people this is not an ideal solution, but for someone who went without Starbucks for 7 months it was very exciting. I figured out that I can have their canned refreshers and bottled frappacinos! You can buy these in stores and drink them at home, or you can also get them in Starbucks and order a cup of ice and it feels like a normal drink!

I don't recommend ordering anything they have food wise, but that's just me. If they cook it in their oven, it doesn't matter if it is gluten free because there will likely be cross contamination ugh!!

I hope you guys liked this kind of post and let me know if you want to hear more about what and where I eat gluten free! I have officially done it since January, so feel free to reach out if you are gluten free, too, and we can chat!

xoxo, Mallory