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My New Favorite Jeans


Hey guys!

I just purchased these amazing jeans, and I just had to share them. I got them at Anthropologie, and I think they will be a new favorite for the cooler weather. This top is a new favorite, as well! I love anything white, and it doesn't hurt that it is under $18. The ruffles make it a little fancier than just a t-shirt, but definitely still an every-day-wear kind of look. Overall, I am so happy I purchased both of these items because they are sooo my style and I definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of them both.


I wore this look out to dinner and a movie with Parker! We saw It, and surprisingly it wasn't that scary! Honestly the best part of movies is the popcorn and candy to me! I love casual date nights, and this outfit was perfect for what we had planned.

Also, these shoes are the best. Parker got them for me and they are seriously SO comfortable. They are also very cute! They have a very cool material that has an amazing sheen to it. I have had them for maybe two weeks, and I'm already obsessed with them!

Come back Wednesday for a new wedding post! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

xoxo, Mallory