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The Makeup I Wore When I Got Engaged


Hey guys!

For today's post, I wanted to combine two things that I love: makeup and literally anything wedding related. So I figured I would tell you guys about the makeup I wore when Parker proposed because I was experimenting with a few different products that have since become my holy grails! I had no clue I was getting engaged that night, but I knew we were going to a nice dinner and seeing Hamilton on Broadway, so I knew to look nice, but there were a few things I overlooked in my usual makeup routine which you will see below! Luckily my makeup photographed really well that day, and I'm so glad Parker came up with an excuse for me to already look nice when he did it!

Foundation: Tarte

This trip was my first time trying this product, and I don't know what made me decide to get it, but the day before we left for New York I wanted to try something new, and this is what I chose! It photographs so well, and never feels heavy. I'm so glad I chose to get this, because my typical makeup isn't as full coverage, and I would have definitely wanted to look flawless for my pictures! Good thing we had Hamilton planned so I already prepared for my makeup to need to last all night!

Concealer: Maybeline

My everyday concealer is the Tarte Shape Tape, but I forgot that at home and the Maybeline concealer was inexpensive and quicker to pick up. Little did I know I would end up loving it! Haha but you can tell in this photo that it totally rubbed off of my nose from all the kissing pictures we took that day! I got a lighter shade and it reflected light so beautifully! I used it as a highlight shade under my eyes, and I have been using it for nights out ever since!


I used my all time fave: Palladio Rice Powder! You guys have heard me talk about this in previous blog posts before, I'm sure, and if you have you would be well aware of my obsession with this product. I think every girl needs this product in their makeup bag. My bronzer was Hoola by Benefit! It's a total classic!


Bobbi Brown Apricot... a classic in my makeup routine! It gives the perfect, natural flush.


I used this Tarte palette and this Chanel palette to darken up the outer corners. I went for a darker look that night, which is totally out of my comfort zone. If I would have known I was getting engaged that night I 100% would not have taken a risk with my eyeshadow, but I am so glad I did because I love how it photographed!


You guys... I forgot to put on eyeliner that night! Haha but if I did I would've worn this eyeliner by nyx. It is inexpensive and stays on all night, so what more could a girl need?


Before eyelash extensions I was a HUGE mascara girl, so naturally I used three different mascaras the night I got engaged, which is typical for any night I am trying to dress up a little more than usual. For my first coat of mascara, I used Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. This is my go-to everyday mascara that gives me volume and length. Because we were going out to something fancy, I put on my "event mascara", which is the Too Faced Better than False Lashes Mascara. This one gives me crazy length, but it's hard to take off so I only bring it out for special occasions. For my third mascara, I used this lower lash mascara by Pixi. It is so small and works perfect for my bottom lashes!


I have gotten 10000 questions about the lip color I wore that day, and it was Syrup by Mac! I also just wore that color in my engagement pictures! It is the perfect pink and has some serious staying power!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you liked learning a little more about what went into my makeup look for the day I got engaged! Visit me on Friday for a fashion post!

xoxo, Mallory