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All About My Vendors

Hey guys!

For today’s post, I wanted to break down my vendor list and how/ why I chose them all! They were all fabulous, and I learned some serious tricks when finding and choosing them.

My first tip when choosing your vendors is to waste no time! I waited about a month before I planned ANYTHING, and that gave me a pretty hard time! Luckily, I was still able to get everyone I wanted, but if I had waited any longer it would have been a serious problem.

Another tip I have it to research before reaching out to anyone, to save you a ton of time! I was able to look everyone up on WeddingWire and see all the vendors in the area and get their contact info and website all in the same place!

The first vendors I booked were my location, photographer and videographer!

Photo by Amy Hutchinson

I knew that I had to get a date/location locked in before I planned anything, and I did a ton of research before I toured any venues. I narrowed it down to 3 locations that I was considering, and when I toured the Cadre, I knew it was the one. It had all the vibes I was looking for, and I LOVED their team. My planner, Kelsey, was a huge selling point for me, because everyone in Memphis knows she is fabulous. I knew I wanted my day to be perfect, and she definitely helped make that happen.

Photos by Amy Hutchinson

Then once I had a date and location, I immediately reached out to my photographer. I knew before I even got engaged that I wanted Amy Hutchinson to be my wedding photographer. I looove her style of photography, and after meeting her and her husband, I knew I didn’t even want to talk to anyone else and we put down our deposit immediately. Not only is she a dream to work with, but OMG my pictures!!! She put up about 100 pictures from the wedding day when I was on my honeymoon, and that was the biggest treat! She got the full album to us SO fast, and I am obsessed with every photo.

Here is a link to our wedding album if you want to see her work for yourself!

Screenshots of Video by Glacier Point Productions

Then I booked our videographer! I knew I wanted a wedding video, because I literally am obsessed with watching them all the time. I seriously did SO much research trying to find the best videographer and talked to about 5 different videographer groups. I ended up choosing Glacier Point Productions because I was 100% sold after talking to Cody on the phone! I loved how he customizes every wedding video to match the vibe of the couple, and he was always so quick to respond to any question we had. Some of the other videographers I spoke to had crazy long windows to get the video back, and Cody only took two months and I seriously think it’s my favorite wedding video I have ever seen! No bias haha! But really, he was SO great at the wedding, and managed to be everywhere at once, but also blending so well that he was practically invisible. My mom didn’t really know if we needed a wedding pictures AND video, but I told her from the start that they were both completely necessary, and now she totally agrees! I can’t imagine NOT having my wedding video, because I am completely obsessed with it, so if you’re planning a wedding and considering video, DO IT! You totally wont regret it.

Check out our video here!

Now that the big things were in order, it was time for the beauty stuff! One of my already married friends told me to book these asap, and she was so right!

Photo by Amy Hutchinson

Screenshots of Video by Glacier Point Productions

For my makeup, I went with Kasey Acuff. Pretty much ALL my vendors recommended her, and I can see why! She killed the makeup game, and my makeup looked absolutely perfect from 12pm-midnight! Like how?! She does the makeup for the Grizz Girls, so I knew that she knows how to make makeup last, and honestly I don’t think me or my bridesmaids have ever looked better!

Photo by Amy Hutchinson

For hair I used Brady Boyd! I had a bunch of trials with different hairdressers, and she was so impressive with how she knew how to work with my fine, thin hair and make it look SO thick. She came up with a style that could be up for the ceremony, and down for the reception which I thought was so cool and unique! It also rained on my wedding day, and my normally pin straight hair stayed curly all night!!!

Then we went on to the food… my fav part!

Photos by Amy Hutchinson

For our main food selections, we used CFY Catering. I was obsessed with their presentation, and was even more impressed when I found out the food tasted as good as it looks! They even made gluten free options so I could eat at the wedding! For a dessert, we had dry ice-ice cream, but it was in the corner so a ton of people missed it, but I found it and it tasted delicious! It was so good, and I am so glad I chose them.

Photos by Amy Hutchinson

For our cake, we went with The Flour Garden, and OMG they made all my cake dreams come to life! I love how they pay attention to the tiny details, and the cake was truly a work of art. They hand made a monogram to go on the front, and had all kinds of little lace and pearl details all over. I even had a mini cake that was gluten free so I could try it! Overall I was OBSESSED with them.

Now moving on to ceremony details!!

Photo by Amy Hutchinson

For décor, we used White Door Events! They have the most stunning décor, and perfectly captured my wedding vision. I saw on Instagram this stunning dance floor with the couple’s name on it, and I needed to have it for myself! I asked White Door and they were like “Yeah of course!” I thought I would be so hard to find, but they made it so easy and honestly the dance floor was my favorite part!

Photos by Amy Hutchinson

For our flowers we went with Deedra Stone! They were literally INCREDIBLE, and I don’t think I had ever seen more flowers in my life. My mom pretty much handled all the flowers, so it was a huge surprise! All I said was that I wanted everything white! I was so excited to see they put lily of the valley in my bouquet and the bouteniers, because that is my all time favorite flower! They went above and beyond, and I couldn’t have been more pleased!!!!!!!

Photos by Amy Hutchinson

Last, but certainly not least, is our band! We used Al Paris and the Heartbreakers, and they were beyond fabulous! They were true performers, and kept the ceremony so lively and fun. They got everyone on the dance floor so involved and dancing, and I loved all their outfit changes haha! They were definitely a highlight of our night!

I am beyonddd glad I chose all my vendors, because my wedding would have not been the same without them. They all went above and beyond to make the day perfect, and I loved them all so much!

Xoxo, Mallory

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