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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access Favs!

July 19, 2019

Hey guys!

White is one of my favorite colors to wear during the summer, so I wanted to round up a few of my favorite purchases of the month to share wi...

White Clothes For Summer!

May 28, 2019

My Lip Filler Experience at Germantown Aesthetics

May 13, 2019

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All About My Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

September 27, 2017

Hey guys!


For today's wedding post, I wanted to give you all my advice that I learned from wedding dress shopping, and how I found my dream dress in the very first visit! Here are the steps I took to have the most successful visit!


1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

This is something that a lot of people think is not necessary, but I think your outfit is so important when you go wedding dress shopping. I wanted to wear something easy to take on and off, but still looks nice and communicates that I mean business haha! If you dress a little fancier, people sometimes take you more seriously and that is never a bad thing! :) I linked some suggestions of things I would wear above!

2. Have A Style In Mind

 Before I went wedding dress shopping, I had created a folder in my phone of pictures of styles I liked, and I had a general vibe targeted down, as well. This helped me get straight to the point and not have to wander around the store forever. They were able to take me to a section and I found the dress almost immediately! After that, I just wanted to have some fun, so that's what these dresses I'm sharing are. They are absolutely nothing like the one I picked, but I thought they were pretty fun and out there, and why not play dress up with my remaining time I had in my appointment!


3. Wear Nice Hair and Makeup

 While I didn't follow this advice with my hair, I did try to put in a little extra effort with my makeup when I went to try on dresses! Here is some of the makeup I wore to try on dresses that lasted all day!  While I didn'w this advice with my hair, I did try to put in a little extra effort with my makeup when I went to try on dresses! I think that if you feel cute when you're trying on dresses, you're more likely to find something you love! When your hair and makeup is off, at least in my experience, I just feel so not cute in everything I try on, no matter how amazing the dress/outfit is!While I didn't follow this advice with my hair, I did try to put in a little extra effort with my makeup when I went to try on dresses!


4. Bring the Shoes You Will Wear at Your Wedding

This is something that I didn't do, but wish I did! I still haven't bought my wedding shoes, so I need to get on that before my first fitting! Because I didn't have the shoes I was going to wear at my wedding, we had to estimate how long to make the dress, which is not ideal, but I'm sure it'll turn out perfect! If you're like me and do not have your wedding shoes before your dress, try to find a heel height you're most comfortable in and bring some shoes you already have in that height. 


5.Stay Organized

Everybody that knows me is well aware that I live by my planner. I am using this one currently and I am loving it! I have stuck with this brand of planners forever and would recommend them to everyone! But staying organized cuts down the stress that can accompany wedding planning and dress shopping, which should be the most fun part! 


I hope you guys enjoyed hearing what I learned from wedding dress shopping! Come back on Friday for a new post!


xoxo, Mallory






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