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New Beauty Favorites!

Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday! I just wanted to hop on here for a quick recap of my favorite beauty products from the month of January! I decided that in the new year I was going to be more experimental with my makeup, and I am happy to say I actually did it! I found quite a few amazing products and I can’t wait to share more with you throughout the year!

Too Faced Highlighter- Canary

This highlighter is seriously blinding! I love to use it for a night out. for a more everyday look I use it on top of my eyeshadow and its stunning.

Facial Spray

I have been using this facial mist when I get out of barre class just to refresh my skin and kill bacteria from sweat! I got the smallest one for only $7 to keep in my purse and it seems to last a long time!

Boy Brow

I have been obsessed with this product lately! You can just swipe it on and it makes your brows look so much fuller! Use this link for 10% off your first purchase!

Chanel Perfume

I wouldn't call this a new favorite, but I have recently made an effort to wear perfume every single day, where I used to only wear it on special days! This scent is so light and clean.