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My Engagement Photos

Hey Guys!

The day is finally here!!! Not only do I get to show you what I wore for my engagement photos, but I get to show you how Amy and Ed Hutchinson literally took the most perfect photos ever! We seriously had SO much fun taking these pictures and I think that definitely shows. Here is their website and the blog post Amy did on our shoot where you can see more of her top pics!

Amy told me that we needed to have one casual and one formal outfit for our engagement session, like I talked about in one of my previous posts. I had some ideas from online, but none of those worked out because they were either out of my size, too short, or took 10 days to ship UGH! It all worked out, though, because I LOVE what I ended up wearing and I think Amy and Ed photographed them beautifully!

For my casual look, I chose to wear this lace top from Anthropologie that I found literally the day of our photos. I had another outfit planned but I didn't love it, and this shirt was under $100 so I thought it was fate! I wore this brown suede skirt that I have had forever, and my Louboutins I bought the day I got engaged!

For the formal look I wore a long, white, lace dress! I loved the bow detail and the classic silhouette. My main goal was for our pictures to be timeless, and I think this dress did just that.

The number one thing I took away from our session is that we had FUN. I know from experience that if I feel awkward in a picture, it shows all over my face, but they kept everything so lighthearted and relaxed that I never even thought about anything but Parker and myself...when usually I'm SO aware of everyone looking at me haha!

Huge thank you to the Hutchinsons for taking these photos and I would highly recommend them if any of you are looking for a great wedding photographer! Check back on Friday for a new post, and be looking out next Wednesday for a huge announcement!

xoxo, Mallory