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My Best Beauty Secrets

Hey guys!

For today's post I wanted to talk about some of my all-time favorite beauty secrets. These are just a few things that I do that I think make the hugest difference in my makeup routine, so keep reading to find out what they are!

1: My Favorite Foundation

This foundation by Tarte Cosmetics is a recent discovery of mine, but it has made a drastic difference in the appearance of my makeup throughout the day. For my whole life I never wore foundation, I just wore Bare Minerals powder, which I still do on chill days. I randomly decided to try this foundation and it changed the game. It covers all my imperfections and has a semi-matte finish, and looks super natural all day long. I still don't wear foundation every day, but when I take the time to get really ready, this is what I always use.

2. Invest In A Good Makeup Sponge

For a long time, I bought the fake Beauty Blenders just assuming they were the same as the real thing. One day I just decided to buy the real one at Sephora, and I will never go back. I highly recommend spending the extra few dollars because it really does make all the difference.

3. Find Your Perfect Lip Shade

If you see me out, you will never see me without my favorite lip product, Frog Prince. My friend Ashleigh introduced this to me about a year ago and I have repurchased it many times. It is a green lipstick that changes to your perfect lip color after it is applied. I not only love the color of this product, but the staying power is amazing! I can put this color on in the morning, and it acts like a stain and stays on all night!

4. Use A Good Setting Powder

I looooove the rice powder by Palladio! It is only $6 and has been a makeup staple for me forever. I have gotten all of my friends hooked on this product, and I highly recommend you trying it yourself! I get the color translucent and pack it on really heavy under my eyes, whipe it off with a big powder brush, and my makeup stays on ALL day!

5. Make Your Eyes Pop

I recently got eyelash extensions and have been loving them, but before that I loved this mascara by Too Faced! It only needed one coat to make my lashes look long and thick, and never flaked on me. This product cut my mascara routine in half and I still use it on my lower lashes when I have extensions!

I hope you guys liked hearing about my go to makeup secrets! These are some of my favorite things about my makeup routine that totally changed the game for me! Come back on Monday for another post!

xoxo, Mallory