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The Most Overlooked Wedding Essential


Hey Guys!

I mean... I'm kind of obsessed with how this video turned out! So, what is the most overlooked wedding essential? A WEDDING VIDEO! Finding a good videographer was one of my first things on my to-do list after I got engaged. I feel like too many people overlook this part of planning, but I can not emphasize the importance of a video enough! With as much as I watch wedding videos, I knew that I had to have one of my own. I had some pretty high expectations when looking because I love watching wedding videos from bloggers and youtubers since they always seem to have the best quality. I knew I wanted that, too, and someone immediately came to mind.

The Videographer that I chose is named Cody Giles! I immediately knew I had to use him because out of all the research I have done, I haven't seen anybody that does better than his work. I am the toughest critic, and I am so incredibly impressed with his skills. He does a variety of video topics outside of weddings, as well! Check out some of his other videos HERE! Parker and I say he's the next Sam Kolder/ Jay Alvarez and I seriously think he's going to be instafamous one day lol.  On top of all of this, his prices are great! We had so much fun filming this video, and I thought the drone was so cool! I think I would crash it within the first minute of trying to fly it...

It was so important for me to book a videographer because I wanted to be able to re-live my wedding day forever. To me, video is equally as important as photography because they capture totally different aspects of the experience. I think too many people pass up getting a wedding video, but everyone that I know that gets one is so glad they did. I love getting to see the vibe of a wedding, and if you get a good videographer, a video totally shows that! I love watching other people's wedding videos, so it was an absolute necessity to have my own. I seriously think that people that pass on a wedding video will regret it. It's the up and coming way to document something, so not as many people prioritize it like I do, but I think in the near future it will be on the top of everybody's list for sure!

Parker and I shot a video with Cody the other day, and it was seriously a blast. Honestly he was so great and professional to work with. He made sure all the shots looked really natural and not too posed, while also making sure the background looked stunning and "cinematic" as he says. We went all around Harbor Town, which is my favorite place ever, and then went to Shelby Farms. Afterwards we went to dinner at Cheffies to round out the night!  He had the video edited back to us so quickly, and you can really see all his attention to detail throughout the video. If our wedding video turns out anything like this, I will be thrilled! This experience just got me even more excited for the wedding... but there are still like 250 days to go UGH!!!

If you are getting married and have not yet booked a videographer, I so highly recommend for you to consider Cody! There isn't anybody in the area that compares to his quality of work and combined with his prices, there honestly isn't a better choice. Check out his latest wedding video here and if you are interested in prices and availability you can email him at codygiles739@gmail.com.

xoxo, Mallory