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Meet My Bridesmaids

Hey guys!

Many of you know I am having a lot of bridesmaids... 12 to be exact.

Every single one of these ladies have played such a huge role in making me who I am today, so of course I would want every single one of them to stand by my side on my big day! When choosing who I wanted to ask, I tried to picture who would still be in my life when I was 50, and how lucky am I to have so many incredible people come to mind! 

 Coral Romper (1)(2) Black Romper (1)(2)

Madison Snipes, my Maid of Honor

Madison has been my longest friendship! I seriously can't remember a time when we weren't best friends! We are complete opposites but a perfect combination at the same time. There isn't anybody that I have more fun with and on top of that she's a total BABE! We have seriously grown up together! She's a total fitness junkie and low key my personal trainer, she loves her some Starbucks with like 10000 Sweet'N Low's, she loves anything body con, and is my favorite person to get gas station candy and watch The Bachelor with on a Monday night. Because I don't have a sister, we have always claimed to be twins and she is basically family! ILY!!

Romper (1)(2) Top (1)(2) Jeans

Alexa Tracy

Alexa is 1/4 of my dance friends which means that we have most definitely been through our awkward stages together, worn blue eyeshadow with red lipstick at age 7 together, and acted out Legally Blond way too many times together. Now that we have grown up and are more normal, I'm so glad that we have stayed so close because she's seriously one of my favorite people! I always say She is the present day Betty Boop and I could not be more excited to have her as a bridesmaid!

 Denim Dress (1)(2

Ashleigh Dacus

My friendship with Ash began in 6th grade in the back row of English class at ECS. We wouldn't pay attention at all and talk the entire class. I was always (and still am) so jealous of her hair. We still laugh because I had this apple lotion that she would always ask to use and she couldn't find it in stores anywhere. Fast forward to present day and Ashleigh is my favorite dinner date to Salsa and Most likely my future children's nanny

Cayla Rosenberger

Another one of my oldest friends! Cayla is a year younger than me and I'm pretty sure we met the day she was born. She is probably the funniest person I know and is such a fun person to be around. We have so many funny pictures together as children and probably just as many funny pictures today! If you don't know Cayla, The first thing you'll learn about her is probably how much she loves St. Jude! After that you'll become friends instantly because she's the most likable person ever. She is definitely going to bring so much fun to my wedding day! 

Denim Dress (1)(2)(3

Ellen Cohen

Ellen is 2/4 of my dance friends! We have forever bonded over our love of parmesan cheese and pasta since she introduced me to it at Vanelli's Deli probably 15 years ago. Ellen was always the Broadway play expert of the group and she definitely sparked my love for New York when the dance group took a trip for her middle school graduation. Ellen currently lives in ATL and is conquering the news world, but every time she is in town we get together and talk about all the crazy fun things happening in each other's lives! 

Striped Top (1)(2)

Erin Dunaway

When I came to ECS in elementary school, I immediately knew I had to be friends with Erin! We were the only girls who wore the jumpers and pink New Balances(lol), so I immediately knew she was my kind of girl. In 5th grade she even got to be Jackie O in March of the Presidents and I was 1000x jealous. We continued to be friends all thorough out middle school, high school, and college, and now we are in each others weddings! Erin is probably my most elegant and put together friend, who still knows how to have the best time ever. Now she lives in Chattanooga and I can't wait for all the trips to visit!

Jackie Fitzgerald

Jackie aka Jaqui is 3/4 of my dance friends! I am so happy to have known Jackie all throughout growing up because she is seriously the most fun person ever. She always had the best pool parties and Kept the group germ free with her Purell at the Mid South fair! Now that we are older I am so glad that we maintained such a close friendship! She will most certainly bring so much fun to my wedding day! She just moved to Nashville so I'll def be paying her some visits asap!

Top (1)(2) Jeans

Kaylee Soelke

Woohoo now we have 4/4 of the dance group! Kaylee was always My partner in all the group dances and my slumber party buddy all throughout growing up! We would always gather up every single pink blanket in my house and make the most epic forts ever! We also had probably 100+ pool days at her house always followed by Mexican food of some sort. Now that we are older it is so fun to look back at all our crazy memories and all the boys from my school that had a crush on her. She just got engaged, too, and is getting married a month after me! It's going to be a big summer us and I couldn't be more excited about it!


Laura Lewis

Laura is a long time friend, as well, and I am SO EXCITED to have her as a bridesmaid! She is seriously the nicest, most-genuine person you'll ever meet and I'm so lucky to have a friend like her. She always adds so much fun to a group and it has been that way since she came to ECS in middle school. I still remember going to visit Auburn with her and it turned into the most crazy trip ever... Haha at least the trip didn't deter her from going to school there! But she has been the best friend over the years and I am sooo happy for her to be my bridesmaid! Also let's just note how cute she was in high school and I look like this...

Maddie Lane

I have been friends with Maddie ever since Middle school! We have been best friends from the start and I couldn't imagine life without her! She's the one who introduced me to multi grain Cheerios, pudding cookies, and my love for Criminal Minds. Maddie is my #1 scary movie buddy and literally every time she comes in town that is all we do. She is also a full time princess in Orlando and I am forever jealous that she gets to be Ariel for her JOB! Living the dream! We are still besties to this day and every time she comes in town it's like we didn't miss a beat! Now we just need to schedule another beach trip asap! 

Taylor Grogan

Taylor was my college roommate senior year and seriously my best friend from college. I didn't know her that well when we decided to be roommies, but I honestly could not have been more lucky that we decided to do it! She was SO much fun and totally made my senior year my favorite year of college. We had a billion lunch dates, she was always down to shop, and the best workout buddy ever. I always say we literally had all the same interests! Now she is in grad school in Birmingham and I am going to visit asap because I miss her and they have a Saks lol. 

Yellow Top (1)

Zellie Short

I have known Zellie since elementary school and we were seriously SO goofy together. Literally we did some of the strangest things but There was nobody I had more fun with growing up! I always loved going to her house because the Ice Cream Truck came to her neighborhood! Fast forward to now and Zellie lives in Malibu(so jealous) and is basically a supermodel she's so gorgeous! She's seriously one of the nicest people I know and I am thrilled she is going to be in my wedding!