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My Engagement Story

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If you know Parker at all, you know that he is the most incredible gift giver. That's why I was not suspicious at all when he told me he booked a trip to New York for my graduation present. He told me about it about a week before the trip, and I was so excited. All I knew is when we were going to New York and we were seeing Hamilton, which I had always wanted to see!


Fast forward to the day of our trip, and I was so excited! He got us first class seats on the plane, and we were in New York by lunch! To start, we got lunch at Sarabeth's, which is a staple for us.

After that, we made our way over to the hotel, and I found out that he got me a room in the Plaza!!! AKA my favorite hotel ever. I was beyond excited for this. But... there were so many more exciting plans coming that I did not even know about!

After checking in to the room, I find out Parker has reservations at Laduree! Anybody that knows me is well aware of my obsessions with macarons, so this was quite exciting for me. We got tea, pastries, and macarons, and I was in heaven. We also got some macarons to go to snack on later that night.

For dinner we went to meet some of Parker's family who lives in the city and had some fantastic Mexican. Later that night we went back to my room and watched the Bachelor with some Champagne and macarons... living the dream!

DAY 2- Proposal day!

We woke up early and went on a walk through Central Park and did some shopping before lunch. Parker had reservations for lunch at Bergdorfs, and I was so excited. I got a delicious salad, and Parker got a burger that was fabulous. I would eat there every day if I could tbh.

After lunch we went to Saks because I wanted to do some more shopping... who is surprised?! I ended up purchasing some Louboutins because I knew we were going to Hamilton that night and I wanted to look extra sassy! Who would have known I had just bought my engagement shoes!! After that we went to The Plaza and snacked on more macarons as I got ready for dinner.

While I was getting ready Parker told me he wanted to stop by this fancy bar before dinner to get drinks. I was so down for that! So I got ready quickly and before you know it we are on our way to the "bar."

We arrive at an unmarked building, and he says it is the one! I was impressed because it looked super fancy and had a guard and everything. We get in and get escorted upstairs where the rooftop is located. I still suspected nothing...

The doors of the elevator opened to the most beautiful place I could ever imagine and I was totally shocked. At this point he leads me out to the center, tells me to take off my Apple Watch, and proposed! [Fun fact I have always told him to not let me wear my watch when he proposed. I feel like it dates the pictures.] It was all such a blur, but it was one of the happiest moments of my life!

After he proposed, our photographer comes out of hiding, and we had an hour long photoshoot! Her name is Ash Fox, and she's a New York proposal planner/photographer. She made everything so fun and relaxed, and the pictures turned out beautiful.

After he proposed, we went to a French restaurant called La Grenouille, and I have never seen a more gorgeous place in my life. There were massive flower arrangements everywhere! I posted an Instagram right before dinner and put my phone away in my purse. After 15 minutes I had already received 126 texts! I was so happy/overwhelmed. And to top it all off the food was delicious, and the service could not be beat.

After dinner we went to see Hamilton! I was already on cloud 9, but then I found out we had 4th row seats, and I was even more pumped! It was by far my favorite Broadway play to date!

Day 3

This was our last day, and we pretty much just played the day by ear after lunch! I was just so excited to be engaged that I didn't want to even think about going home.

We had tea at the Plaza for lunch and then shopped around 5th Avenue for the rest of the day!

We went home that night and brought macarons for the plane, of course!