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My All Time Favorite Makeup Products


Hey guys!

I wanted to share this with you today because I love getting to see what products people use on a daily basis and seeing if I use any of the same ones!

Being a dancer since I was 4 years old, I grew up around makeup. It was always one of my favorite parts of competitions when I got to wear the stage makeup because I never got to wear it otherwise. Now that I'm older, I tend to go for a less heave look -lol- but I still maintained an interest in it. I may not be the best at applying it, but I definitely know how to buy it! I always research the heck out of anything before I buy, so I know everything listed is great! If any of you are in the market for a new piece from Sephora or Ulta, I highly recommend all of these products! Most of them have been a staple in my routine since high school! With these products I can take them from day to night so I really do get the most bang for my buck, and it takes up less space in my drawers! So...let's get in to why I love these products!

1: Bare Minerals Foundation

This is the first makeup product I ever bought! It has been a staple for me since middle school and I haven't strayed from it once. I love this because it gives you a no-makeup look but still gives the coverage I am looking for. With this, be sure to stick with the original formula because I personally find the luminous one too shiney and the matte one to not photograph well, but makeup is different for everyone.

2:Tarte Shape Tape

This concealer is a recent discovery of mine, but it's already a favorite. It provides so much coverage while still looking natural. I get a shade lighter than my skin tone and use it for under eye concealer!

3:Palladio Translucent Powder

You guys. This is my hidden gem product that I think everyone needs in their makeup bag. It seriously keeps you matte ALL DAY. I use it for baking under my eyes and then just dust it everywhere else lightly. Seriously if you get one thing from this post this is it.

4:Bobbi Brown Blush

I use the color orchid, and it gives the perfect flush of color to look like you just got back from the beach.

5: Too Faced Bronzer

I love this bronzer because the color is great, and it smells like chocolate. It doesn't get muddy and stays on my face all day! Highly recommend.

6: Becca Highlight

I discovered this in college because all of my friends used it. You can get a subtly glow or straight up strobe! I use it more lightly, and I love the neutral toned shimmer it gives! I even sometimes use it for eyeshadow when I am feeling lazy!

7:NYX Eyeliner

This is a great product, but I am not picky about liner. I love this because it doesn't smudge, it's very black, and it stays on all day! A huge perk it that it is also very inexpensive.

8:Tarte Eyeshadow

I love this palette because you can do the most easy every day look, or you can do a smokey eye. I love versatile products, and this palette is just that!

9:Too Faced Mascara

This is a all time favorite since high school! I don't understand why more people do not use this! It makes my eyelashes literally touch my eyebrows and does not clump at all. I especially love it once it dries out a little because it makes my lashes even more extreme!

See more of my favorite pics here!